Learn by Tracing



Its very easy to learn the characters.
Place your index and middle fingers over the red dots
Trace over the lines following the direction of the red arrows.

Efficient calligraphy brush


The distance of your fingers will set the width of the brush


The placement of your fingers will set the angle of the brush


Change all during each brush stroke


Write with help


With the “write with help” feature, you can type in your own text and the app will supply the right tracing characters, in the right sequence.
In the end don’t forget to adjust the kerning (space between characters).

 Autosave to projects gallery


All the calligraphy you do in the “write free” and the “write with help” sections are automatically saved to the “projects gallery”, where you can view, edit or delete your work.

Export vector



You can e-mail what you have created in .PDF format,
and edit the bézier curves on your favorite graphic application.